Dec 032013



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I remember hearing the poem “I’ll Lend you a Child” by Edgar Guest.  The words of the poem lingered in my subconscious.  The day my daughter was born I recalled being overwhelmed with emotion as I laid eyes on her perfect pink little face.  Once the medications wore down from the unexpected cesarean and she was finally in our room, I was able to hold her.  As I watched her resting in my arms and listening to the sweet coos coming from her tiny body I realized I didn’t know her. Our journey to get to know each other was just beginning. In that instant I knew she was not my extension.  This new soul was not mine to possess.  She was not mine to control.  I was not given a fairy wand to create her off of a checklist I may have envisioned. My child, my daughter was created and I accepted the enormous gift to guide her, respect her for who she already was. As the years progress I shall discover the pieces that encompass her whole self. This opportunity filled with love and uncertainty is not to be taken lightly, as each step will impact her every breath. Realizing the great gift before me is daunting, overwhelming, chaotic…..awesome.