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Meet Ana….This is Her Story

I am thankful for my friend Carolina Gomez (now Marx) because she was my best friend and confident in high school and without her it just wouldn’t have been as fun. I am also thankful because she introduced to me Ana Gonzalez (now Proctor). Ana is one of the kindest, most generous people I know. We bonded over a common love of shoes, but what has made our friendship endure, despite the long distance, is her kindness. She’s the type of person who would take in a homeless girl who decided to do a summer internship in a city she’d never lived in (that would be me), and open up her home and friendships. Ana did all that for me and it was a special summer filled with late night talks, lots of giggles, and many dreams shared (and maybe some wine spilled). It was long before either one of us was married and had babies, which means it feels like a LONG time ago.

Ana is special to my heart and in my opinion a natural mom. So, when we started MommiesFirst I wanted her on the council to help other moms. I was thrilled when she agreed and then we started talking…..Talking about how life was changing as her daughter, Carolina, (yup, same name as the very friend that introduced us!) was growing up. Ana is finding/ discovering a new role and passion as her daughter needs less and less of mommy. As part of her self discovery journey Ana started to write, and I convinced her to share her stories with our community of moms. We decided to name her stories the Ana Begins Series. Yes, i’m a fan of Counting Crows, but more importantly it just seemed like the most appropriate name for a collection of stories from a mom rediscovering her role and her path forward by going back in time and writing about all the adventures of her journey as a mom.

Ana is witty, she’s raw and she’s well, just like one of us. Starting next week – Ana Begins…..I hope you will join us!

With love and care,


Lorena Scott

ps This is Ana!!!



  • Lorena Scott

    Sarah! that hurts! LOVE the Counting Crows! ~Lorena

  • Sarah De Diego (Journeys of The Zoo)

    I feel so old because I didn’t even get the Counting Crows reference. No matter, I look forward to reading and probably sharing in some on Ana’s adventures in Motherhood. Thanks for sharing.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
    MommiesFirst Council Member