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We are product lovers not product pushers.  It’s an important distinction at MommiesFirst because we believe it’s what makes us different.  Every product we recommend means something to us, and often times there is a very personal story attached.  One of the first brand partners, Benefit Cosmetics, joined our boxes because I emailed the CEO and shared my true story. Here’s what I shared with him and why MommiesFirst is introducing Benefit to our members. Apologies in advance – I really did try to be short and sweet, but the truth is…words don’t do this company justice…at least not based on my first time mommy experience.


My first baby (my son, Sebastian) was born in 2009. I was the MOST unprepared mom ever – or at least I felt that way.  I spent most of my maternity leave in San Francisco, CA close to my brother and only a 1 hour flight to Los Angeles where my husband was working Monday – Friday. During the first three months of Sebastian’s life I was alone and scared.

Afraid of spiraling into depression, I would force myself to leave the house and take long walks, but getting out the door was always a challenge.  Big stroller, overstuffed diaper bag, lots of stairs (walk up – no elevator in the apartment we were renting!)- it all seemed so overwhelming.  One particular day, I hadn’t showered and I hadn’t slept and decided I NEEDED a pick me up.  So, I took my big stroller, little baby and very greasy hair (remember, no shower) out for a walk to grab some Starbucks and fresh air.  Once I hit the sidewalk, I decided I more than a jolt of coffee was required to help me through this day. Don’t ask my why, but in that moment all I wanted was bright red lipstick.  A woman on a mission, I strutted into an unnamed store and asked for help.  They looked at my stroller and instantly gave me the “you have baby and are distracting shoppers in the store” look.  And then combined that with the “you’re not glamorous enough to be in my store and what’s up with the greasy hair” stare down. I won’t lie – I was devastated and I have not shopped at that store EVER again.

The Benefit Cosmetics store was three doors down from our apartment.  I hadn’t gone in before and I wasn’t very familiar with the brand.  But, not yet ready to go up the big flight of stairs with my heavy stroller and sleeping baby – I decided to pop into Benefit.  I was nervous – I had already been rejected once that day and I was pretty sure I couldn’t handle rejection again.  Instead three ladies greeted me, cooed over my son, showed me all the lovely products that could help a tired mommy like me and even offered to fix those unkept eyebrows of mine!  I can’t tell you how long I was in there, but I can tell you I walked out feeling 1000% better.  Act of kindness – yes.  Great products that I LOVE – yes.  Lifelong fan – absolutely.  I love Benefit Cosmetics because they were AMAZING to a mom when she truly needed to feel beautiful again.  Thank you, Benefit.  This mommy is a huge fan and appreciates how you treat mommies inside and out!

Currently, three Benefit Cosmetics products appear in select MommiesFirst boxes – the POREfessional, dr. feelgood and it’s potent eye cream.  Soon we will be adding a few different Benefit products! Moms, tell us your favorite Benefit product or something from them you’d like featured in our boxes!


To our growing community of moms and their friends, thanks for reading and letting me share this personal experience. And if you were wondering – “Why Benefit?”. This is the true story…this is why!

With love and care,

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Benefit Cosmetics

PS a snapshot of my cosmetics drawer. I’m not proud of the mess, and yes that’s a bath toy in the mix! In my drawer I currently have “that gal” brigtening face primer, refined finish facial polish, dandelion ultra plush lip gloss.