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 Can you tell us a bit about the Novena story?

My great-grandmother was considered being a medicine woman back in the late 1800’s. She came to live in the US in the late 60s and taught me everything she knows about raw ingredients. She said; that there was a cure for virtually anything that could be picked right out of the garden.  Margaux Ascunce (my  great- grandmother) lived a full healthy and happy life till the very end at the amazing age of 101.  This is a true testament to a healthy lifestyle.

In my teens I put all my acquired knowledge of herbs, fruits and extracts to practice on myself and many friends; creating concoctions right in my own kitchen. Later in life I went on to study Biomedical, industrial engineering where I practiced my profession for seven years before taking a sabbatical to do my lifelong dream. I went back to school and became a Licensed Medical Esthetician and had the good fortune to work alongside many top dermatologists and surgeons in South Florida. Novena was born in 2003 with the discovery of my own 1st pregnancy at the age of 34… I could not find a suitable skincare line that was safe and clear of nontoxic ingredients that would address my skins changing needs. Novena was in the custom formulation phase for nearly 4 years and was not officially launched to the public until 2008. Novena is a real story made by a real person…Novena is true and will remain true to its roots forever … Novena’s mission is to provide woman of all backgrounds in the world a safe effective and affordable skin care line for use before, during and beyond their pregnancy…

 What are some exciting new developments for Novena?

Novena has recently been accredited and recognized by the prestigious Organic Trade Association.

 What (or who) inspires you when it comes to juggling a busy company and career with motherhood?

I want to leave my children a legacy worth being extremely proud of. I have passed down my passion and love for Mother Nature to my children and even though they are only 6 and 9 they know exactly what mommy does and why she does it. That is what drives me…my children’s well-being and making the world a healthier place starting at conception.

 A momfession you can share with the MommiesFirst community?

I made and still make a lot of mistakes. I’m wide open to becoming a better mom, wife, daughter…etc.  I accept my defects and learn something new every day because of them. 🙂

 Favorite baby product? 

Hands down it has to be the HomeMedics soothing sound machine… I don’t think I’ve turned that thing off in 9 years… we can’t live (sleep) without it…

Diana and kids

Please fill in the blanks.

 When they are older, I want my kid(s) to most remember me as…a loving and nurturing mother that loved them beyond anything else on this planet.

 When parents find out what I do, they often say: “that is so cool!”

 In my free time, I love to…What free time? Where do I find that?! LOL

 I’m dreaming of ­­­­­­­the day…I can go to bed at 9pm.

Jeanette, it has been a privilege to get to you know your company, amazing line of products and now your inspiring story! Here’s to hoping all moms are in bed by 9pm at least one night soon!

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