Dec 032013

Part of the MommiesFirst philosophy is to review EVERY product that is featured in our care packages. And, starting in 2013, we are going to have our reviews accessible on our website (stay tuned for more details).  Our goal is to be VERY honest about our process and tell you (mom) exactly what we think about brands.

So, today I personally conducted a review of a mompreneur business – FITMOM.  To say I “observed” a class taught by the founder, Andrea Page, would be a lie.  Here’s what really happened: I walked into to a room filled with little babies between the ages of 7 weeks to about 6 months, most of whom were strapped onto their mom’s chests.  I tried to keep up, while mom upon mom did rep after rep and lunge after lunge while also carrying weights.  It looked like a scene from a movie.  And there was little old me, – sans any baby by the way –getting my butt kicked by Andrea and these amazing moms.

Yup – I couldn’t keep up.  Great class – awesome work out, and clearly baby friendly (down to a baby song as the farewell).  It was the safe environment for a new mom to work out and get back in shape post baby.  But, perhaps what surprised me the most were all the happy, happy babies.  There was no chaos.  Instead, there were plenty of giggles and cooing and energized moms as they worked out and smiled alongside their babies.  What a great morning! Thanks, Andrea.  Honored to have FITMOM on board as a brand partner.  Starting next month, FITMOM pre and postnatal fitness DVDs will be part of select boxes.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, you passed our review with flying colors!

With love and care,

Lorena Scott