Dec 032013

I have a confession. I love kid music! I was actually sad when my daughter told me that she was too old to listen to the Doodlebops!

Kid music is so upbeat, often it can educational and it simply allows us to have fun with our children. Whether you have an infant, a toddler or a young child, music can be appreciated and enjoyed in many different ways.

We have recently been introduced to Will Stroet, an award-winning bilingual children’s musician and educator. To get a taste of his energetic and fun music, check out this video below:

I shared a review of Wills Jams over on Multi-Testing Mommy if you are interested in hearing my thoughts on his music!


AND, if you live in or near Toronto, we have very exciting news! Will is performing in Toronto on October 27th, 2013!

Will Stroet Toronto Concert




Will Stroet Family Pass Giveaway


Be sure to click here to enter to win a FAMILY PASS to see Will Stroet in concert on October 27th, 2013!