Dec 032013

We want to qualify this post and giveaway by saying that we fully respect and recognize that breastfeeding is NOT for everyone for a multitude of reasons!

However, we also want to acknowledge that breastfeeding is a huge part of having a new baby for so many Moms that we cannot ignore it.

This week is World Breastfeeding Week.

In support of this, we wanted to share this thought with you….if you do nurse your baby, OR if you plan to, staying calm is so important to achieving success.

In helping our nursing Mommies or Mommies-to-Be, we would like to offer you the opportunity to win some prizes from some of our Brand Partners that will help make your breastfeeding experience more comfortable!

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Thank you for visiting us and do make sure you visit our sponsorss websites to check out their amazing products that make Breastfeeding a more relaxing and enjoyable experience!
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  • Amanda ~ VP of Social Media at MommiesFirst

    Christina- you will be surprised go quickly it all comes back to you! Good luck 🙂

  • Jo-Anne Pfoh

    Because of medical reasons i was unable to with my first I am hoping the second will be better

  • Amanda ~ VP of Social Media at MommiesFirst

    Jo-Anne – so sorry to hear that you couldn’t breastfeed when you wanted to with your first. We wish you luck with your second and will send you positive vibes!

  • Christina

    I struggled at the beginning with breastfeeding our first son, and although it got easier I don’t know that my supply was ever up to the demand. I’m due in a few weeks with our second, and I’m hoping things go more smoothly!! It’s been almost 5 years, so I hope I can remember enough to get started 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I really struggled the first 2 weeks of breastfeeding and almost gave up (didnt have enough milk) 12 weeks later, I’m still breastfeeding and even donating milk to the milk bank due to my oversupply. The best advice is to not give up!

  • Cheryl (@loucheryl)

    I am nursing my 3 week old son as I type this! I nursed his brother until he was just over 3 years old. Moms…nurse your child as long as you want. If it was up to my mom, sister and husband, I would have stopped at 2 years old. It’s so good for you and your baby. Do what’s best for you both!

  • eleanor

    Everyone has been giving me advice on breastfeeding and I hope I can manage with my newborn

  • Amanda ~ VP of Social Media at MommiesFirst

    Eleanor – tip: take all of the advice and tuck it away for when you need it. Everyone will give you advice and only some of that advice will actually make sense or be useful to you! Good luck.

  • Amanda ~ VP of Social Media at MommiesFirst

    I can understand this feeling, Tonya! It is a great way to bond 🙂

  • Harjit

    Thank you for the chance to win awesome prizes. I am expecting my first little pumpkin this late Fall, and we are simply over the moon! Twitter fan@plumerea

  • Amanda ~ VP of Social Media at MommiesFirst

    Oh dear Emma – sorry to hear that you are having some struggles. Remember to follow your gut – you’re the Mommy and Mommy knows best. If you think she isn’t getting enough, could you go to a breastfeeding clinic? The clinics aren’t just for brand new babies – they can provide support and suggestions to any nursing Mommy! Good luck and keep us posted.

  • Amanda ~ VP of Social Media at MommiesFirst

    Mandi – breastfeeding can definitely be very challenging! You SHOULD be proud for sure 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • tonya dreese

    I loved being able to feed my preemie when he was in the Nicu, bonding with my son while breast feeding,

  • Emma Bartlett

    i’m currently nursing my 10 week old little girl. I am annoyed with mt gp doctor who without testing my milk said that my baby is not getting enough and that’s what is causing her constepation. I hate when they just assume something without testing, a week later and it’s no better despite trying to force her to eat more

  • MultiTestingMom

    Tannis – it is a GREAT goal to set! Stay strong, stick with it and seek help in order to help you meet your goal!

  • Celina

    I am pregnant and hope to breastfeed for at least a year.

  • Mandi

    Breast feeding was the hardest thing for me to do but I feel so proud that I did it.

  • MultiTestingMom

    It certainly makes it tough when you have to go back to work and you want to continue breastfeeding your baby. We hope that your work place is understanding of your situation and we wish you the best of luck on your pumping journey!

  • MultiTestingMom

    Annette – VERY exciting news! Keep us posted on the news of your birth!

  • MultiTestingMom

    Caroline – fingers crossed for you 🙂

  • MultiTestingMom

    mongupp – you are absolutely right that with perseverance it often does become a lot easier! Great job for nursing 4 babies 🙂

  • MultiTestingMom

    Great tip re: drinking lots of water, Jenn! It is so important to replenish your fluids, especially during the hot summer.

  • MultiTestingMom

    Wow Ali – so wonderful to read that you are pumping to share your nutritious milk with babies!

  • MultiTestingMom

    Diana – great to hear that both your and your little one are happy – that is what counts! It really is a special journey that the two of you are on.

  • MultiTestingMom

    Karine – we hope so too! Take a deep breath and good luck 🙂

  • mongupp

    I breastfed 4 babies on demand until they were all over 1. I remember it being difficult at first but with perseverance it became easier.

  • Tannis W

    I hope to (someday!) breastfeed exclusively until at least six months, and then continue breastfeeding until at least one year.

  • MultiTestingMom

    🙂 Aleshia!

  • Monica P

    I am going back to work after 12 weeks. My goal is to BF for at least 9 via pumping!

  • Annette Mestas

    Eager and anxious to breastfeed baby #2 due in October!

  • Carolina T

    Expecting in march (hoping for a girl -)

    Littlemamameow at gmail dot com

  • Chanal Kruger

    Hey there, i’m in my final trimester and are sooo looking forward to this little man to be in my arms! I’m going to be honest, breastfeeding has not been easy with my other 3 boys and really painful, but I loovvee tea’s and skincare and really anything free that’ll help me with the first bit of time!

  • MultiTestingMom

    Oooo the countdown is on for you, Chanal! I’m sorry you have had a challenging time with breastfeeding with your other three. Remember that every baby is different, so hopefully this one will come out and have a natural talent 😉 Do you have any breastfeeding clinics where you are located that you can have as a place to go to for support this time?

  • Ali

    I’m 13.5 months into my 4th exclusively pumping journey. I pump to donate my milk only (after having my third surrogate baby). I enjoy pumping and having that time each day to sit down and relax, also giving the milk to my milk babies parents. <3

  • Diana Cote

    I started out with inverted nipples and it was a real challenge but we managed to eventually overcome it and we are still nursing, my almost 2 year old is showing no signs of stopping. haha our bond is strong, she is a happy, loving child and I am so happy we never gave up!

  • Jenn Fields

    I had a wonderful breastfeeding experience and would recommend that everyone give it a try. My advice is to drink lots of water. I always had a glass next to me while nursing.

  • MultiTestingMom

    Jessica – I had a REALLY challenging time weaning my babies! Emotionally, it was VERY difficult for me. So happy for you that you get to have that experience again 🙂 Good luck on your delivery and do keep us posted on your news!
    ~Amanda, MommiesFirst

  • MultiTestingMom

    Dayna – thanks for sharing your experience! He will wean when he’s ready if you are up to waiting for it. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Remember to stay extra hydrated! Being pregnant, nursing and hot weather means you need a lot of water! Keep us posted on your pregnancy! We love to hear updates! Good luck 🙂

  • MultiTestingMom

    Holly – that is GREAT news 🙂 You are very lucky!

  • MultiTestingMom

    Oh that is such a great idea if you have extra milk – so many babies will benefit from that! Very generous of you 🙂 Thanks for sharing that.
    ~Amanda, MommiesFirst

  • MultiTestingMom

    Oh, the 80’s 😉 How old are your Grandbabies?
    ~Amanda, MommiesFirst

  • MultiTestingMom

    Kellee – Glad to hear that you are looking forward to experiencing it all over again! How old is your first child? How long did you nurse them for?

    ~Amanda, MommiesFirst

  • MultiTestingMom

    Krissie – Congratulations on your pregnancy! When is your due date? Good luck on winning the TEA Prize Pack from FyreFly Organics!
    ~Amanda, MommiesFirst

  • MultiTestingMom

    Carrie – Pumping is a lot of HARD work – so good for you for sticking with it. You are fortunate that you were able to pump for your little one, I had a challenging time pumping milk, I could never get enough! Congrats on your pregnancy and keep us posted!
    ~Amanda, MommiesFirst

  • MultiTestingMom

    We are so glad to hear that! Yes, tea certainly does help one relax 🙂
    ~Amanda, MommiesFirst

  • MultiTestingMom

    GREAT advice, Carey – thank you for sharing this excellent tip!
    ~Amanda, MommiesFirst

  • Dayna Wilson

    I have a 13 month old son, who I am still nursing. I always thought I’d be done as soon as he hit 1, but I’m finding that it’s hard to force him to wean when he’s clearly not ready, so I’m letting him still breastfeed on demand. I’m now 9 weeks pregnant with #2, whom I also plan to breastfeed. Hopefully my son will wean before the next one is born, for logistical reasons!

  • holly o

    Nursing was a cinch with my daughter – she latched right away, never had any issues 🙂

  • Lorianne

    I’m currently nursing my 8 month old and just donated over 300 oz of frozen milk to the milk bank and a few oz to other mommies!

  • 409cope

    My boys were born in the 80s and I didn’t breastfeed. I would love this for my two grandbabies.

  • Jessica

    Due any day and excited to be breastfeeding again! It’s been 5 years since my youngest was weaned and I’m so excited to be nursing a baby again, I really mourned when my two older kids weaned! Thanks for this giveaway!

  • Karine

    I hope everything will go well with breastfeeding

  • Krissie M

    Ahh this is good timing! I just found out the other day that I am pregnant. I plan on breastfeeding as I know it is healthier for the both of us in various ways. Since I love tea, I’m hoping to win the tea set, it looks interesting and healthy. 🙂

  • Carrie Ayres

    I plan on breastfeeding when my baby comes in Nov. 🙂 I couldn’t breastfeed with my first due to him having some very complicated medical issues but I pumped and pumped. 🙂

  • Carey Hurst

    I am still breast-feeding at 14 months . My best advice I can give to mother’s who are about ot nurse is listen only to yourself and your child when it comes to this subject. Only the 2 of you alone know when it is time to stop. Don’t let anyone make you feel timid or modest when it comes to breastfeeding. It is the most natural and most amazing experience you can have with your child. Watch out for the teeth bc it does happen lol.

  • Kellee

    Due in October and looking forward to breastfeeding again!

  • Tricia Leger

    I love theses teas they keep my sanity 🙂

  • Aleshia Ludwig

    Nothing Sweeter Than A Nursing Baby!