Dec 032013

The idea of a super mom always throws me for a loop. The other day, a fellow mom called me “super mom” after I gave her some more background on MommiesFirst and the leap of faith I recently took to leave a corporate job to start a box business for moms! I know she was giving me a compliment, but in my heart – I still feel like very much a failure. And in spending time talking to lots of moms – I know I’m not alone. Importantly, you are not alone!

The truth is as moms we struggle to find balance. It seems in our pursuit of the title of Super Mom, we are always striving to give more, be more, and yes, do more. I found my desire to Super Mom peaked during both my babies’ first years. In my head I saw a cape flapping with the wind and some cool head gear that could effortlessly defeat nerves and sleep deprivation. But, in reality, I was falling apart and a breeze on any given day could have knocked me down from exhaustion and fear because I was trying to go at it alone. For some reason, I believed being Super Mom meant I had to come up with all the answers, I had to know everything from day one and, even worse, I had to do EVERYTHING all by my myself. As we all know – superheroes have friends to fight battles, especially the hardest ones.

At MommiesFirst we believe in moms helping moms!

We also believe in debunking myths. So lets wipe out Super Mom and replace her with Happy Mom! And in support of Happy Mom, we’re launching the Help Mama series, which is dedicated to introducing our community of moms to companies whose sole purpose is to …….yes, you’ve got it – help mama.

The first great company I’d like to introduce is MamaViews. I’ve known the company since it launched and the founder, Melissa, is a wonderful mom of one (soon to be two!). When MamaViews launched in 2011, it was a review site dedicated to helping expecting parents research and find a great baby nurse or doula. Today they have expanded to provide reviews on lactation consultants and childbirth classes too. At its core, MamaViews is a site run by moms for moms to help make the process of finding support easier.

With love and care,

  • Mitzi Fisher

    This is a awesome blog. I have learned a lot and love all the neat giveaways.

  • Jo-Anne Pfoh

    This is just the best network of moms around thanks for the post

  • Amanda ~ VP of Social Media at MommiesFirst

    Thank YOU, Jo-Anne for stopping by and commenting 🙂

  • Mitzi Fisher

    This is such a awesome idea. You can enjoy and learn so much.

  • Amber Dunn

    What an excellent idea! I’m a firm believer in the strength and power of mommies working together! Have you looked into Knixwear? It’s a new Canadian company selling odor/sweat resistant undies that help women (in our case, mommies) feel sexy and confident. I love them!

  • Vanessa

    Love this idea of networking among mom!!!

  • Amanda ~ VP of Social Media at MommiesFirst

    Thanks, Amber! It is so true that if us Mommies stick together, we can conquer anything 🙂 Yes, we have heard of Knixwear – what a fantastic concept!

  • Amanda ~ VP of Social Media at MommiesFirst

    Thanks Vanessa – we are valuable resources to one another, right?!