Dec 032013

For those of you Toronto Mommies and Moms-to-be who are heading to the BabyTime Show this coming weekend, we wanted to share an opportunity for you.

There will be a pack n’ play set up at the BabyTime Show entrance for people to donate loose, open and new packages of diapers. You will also have the opportunity to give a cash donation in exchange for a re-admit ticket (for use later in the weekend) at the Info Booth.

The Diaper Bank

NOTE: There are many Diaper Bank drop off locations in the GTA so if you are not planning on attending the show, you can find another location or contact The Diaper Bank for more information.

The Diaper Bank. is also a registered charity so cash donations are also welcome (and a tax receipt can be issued).

For show information, please visit Multi-Testing Mommy!

  • Deb H

    Could not imagine not having diapers! I used cloth on all my babies to save money and dried them on the clothesline too.

  • Amanda ~ VP of Social Media at MommiesFirst

    I think many of us do, Aleshia – that is why it is always good to have a reminder and then we can actively do something to help others!

  • Tina T

    As a mom of 4, 3 of which are in diapers I know this dilemma. We of course chose diapers and scrapped what ever food we had in the house until payday. I can’t imagine a poor little baby being without diapers this breaks my heart for the baby and parents. I have cloth diapers that I would love to donate!

  • Amanda ~ VP of Social Media at MommiesFirst

    That is so kind and generous, Tina!

  • Mitzi Fisher

    I can’t image not having diapers. Some people have to do what they can to purchase diapers. A lot of people use off brand to say money!

  • Amanda ~ VP of Social Media at MommiesFirst

    Absolutely! You do what you have to do – but if it is between diapers and food… can be very tight for many parents!

  • Aleshia Ludwig

    Something I Take For Granted, This Makes Me Really Think About Giving Back. In All Different Ways!