Dec 032013

For the MommiesFirst team, it is truly a labour of love, so our motto “love and care delivered” represents much more than just a tag line. Love and care delivered is at the very core of who we are and what we are hoping to achieve at MommiesFirst. We are on a mission – hoping to make moms’ lives easier one little care package at a time. And here is the start of a wonderful journey – A toast with the team celebrating the arrival of our boxes and later holding our very first box that shipped to Vancouver BC!

With love and care (always),

Lorena and the MommiesFirst Team

  • leahdillon

    So happy to be part of the council and with number 2 on the way cant WAIT to get my first box!!

  • maryah

    This is so exciting! I think your boxes are amazing! There are so many products out there and far too many websites to search through all claiming the latest and greatest, so to have your mommy tested advice and recommendations leaves a shopper with more to go on than the 5 star rating system or scrolling through a zillion product reviews! Thank you for making things not only better but easier! I cannot wait to send my next expecting mama her package!