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For many women, pregnancy is a joyful experience that is enjoyed and cherished. However, for just as many women, there are definitely some bumps along the way, making pregnancy much more challenging.

Domesticated Momma had some challenging times towards the end of her second pregnancy.

Images of Pregnancy Through the Months
Doesn’t Nicole look fabulous?!

“My pregnancy with Cameron was a very rocky one. I was faced with a threatened miscarriage. I had many bleeding episodes in my first 16 weeks. At 20 weeks, I was placed on modified bed rest as result of a complete placenta previa. At 32 weeks, I took a tumble down the stairs while holding Cadence. This fall landed me in the hospital for fetal monitoring. It kicked started contractions that lasted through the remainder of my pregnancy. The midwives had me prepared to go into labour at any given time. They thought for sure that he would be early. The little bugger held in there until 40 weeks, 3 days. He was well worth the wait!”

To read more about her pregnancy as well as her home birth, please visit Domesticated Momma. She writes from her heart about her experience being pregnant, the challenges she had and her home birth.

Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your pregnancy and birth story with us!

Where did you deliver your baby?
If you are pregnant, where do you plan on delivering your baby?

  • Erin

    Wow, you’re so strong! I couldn’t imagine being on bedrest..

  • MultiTestingMom

    Nicole is a super strong woman, for sure!

  • MultiTestingMom

    Wow! It’s amazing how every woman experiences birthing and delivery so differently. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Yes, we really like Nicole’s photo story too! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  • Andrea

    Wow, I wish I looked as good as Nicole did when I was pregnant with any of my 5! I had horrible pregnancies with all 5, lots of issues, and 5 hospital births. I always find it interesting to read about other mom’s birth stories to see the similarities and the differences.

  • Amy Heffernan

    WOW! Very nice! I had a rough pregnancy with my boy. Best rest at 5 months. I got HUGE! 🙁 But in the end it was worth it!

  • mongupp

    I had the first 2 in hospital. I had a midwife with my 3rd and was seriously considering home birth but I went to the hospital in the end. The fourth one I had in hospital, too!

  • SweetPanda

    I delivered my baby in the hospital close to my home. Lucky that I did that since when I went there with labour pain, I was already 8 cm opened up and went straight to the delivery room.

    I love the photos that Nicole took to show the development of baby bump! That’s a very unique idea!