Dec 032013

Be Mine popchip

February is the month of love and everything sweet, it also comes with lots of calories. All depending on what your snacking on, I guess. We shared something sweet this valentines with a few of our staff at the office. The newest flavor addition to the fastest growing snack brand in North America. popchips presents NEW ketchup flavored popchips, which hit the shelf February 15.

” Crisp crunch, sweet ketchup taste, finishing off with a bit of tang. They melt in your mouth, the best part is you don’t have greasy fingers or guilt when your done. Just a bit of seasoning and yummy satisfaction. “
popchips for Tammy on valentines day

How do you make a popchip?

Yes I was asking the same question and found this easy to understand YouTube video.

Now that clears up the questions. They are natural, flavorful, healthier, not greasy and did I mention yummy?! popchips have my vote.

popchip is Generous

I am sharing the contest and one MommiesFirst member will get a chance to win this fabulous prize pack.



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