Apr 282014

It is no secret that we LOVE DK Canada Books! One of our Mommy friends, Naturally Cracked is hosting a DK Canada Book Giveaway and she offered to share the details with us!

You could win your own set of these excellent books for you and your little one to enjoy together!

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Apr 282014

Whether it a choice or chance as we enter the path of parenthood we gather piles upon piles of rules, tactics, recommendations and demands.  We naively begin with expectations so set in stone, or we think, that our plans are fool-proof. The tactics that failed us in our childhoods at the hands of our parents are sure to be fixed by doing the exact opposite for our own offspring.  We take the successes of our parents and multiply them, thinking a double shot of proven hypothesis is sure to create Our Perfect Child. Foolproof. 


In the midst of making rules and schedules, following handbooks and experts we become trapped by our good intentions. The comparisons brought on by us or our peers can dig out hidden insecurities.  We feel clueless as we look in the mirror and cannot see the wonderful parent standing before us, but solely choose to see the reflection an imperfect human thinking ”I thought I had this”.


Let go of the third party handbooks, “expert” advice, how to’s and checklists.  Use the tools at your fingertips, your instinct, experience, mind and heart.  Be their guide, not their engineer.  Show them how to be human, flawed, beautiful, mindful, real and loving.  Because when they look at you all they see is perfection.


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Apr 082014
Welcome to Amanda’s Book Pick of the week!  
This week’s book is called noisy peekaboo! Roar! Roar!.



This book includes 5 lift-the-flap sounds throughout the book. The book includes pictures or real babies and real life items in order to provide baby with a real experience and to encourage vocabulary building skills. I like the repetition throughout the book and the game of peekaboo keeps the baby involved in the book, while they look for various animals. Babies are also provided with the opportunity to learn 5 animal sounds throughout this adorable book.
Like all DK Canada Board Books, this book is well constructed, including the “lift-the-flap” sections. The flaps provide baby with an opportunity to practice their fine motor skills while they play peekaboo looking for specific objects.

Do you want to add to your library at home?  
Feel free to visit DK Canada  and use this coupon to SAVE on your purchase:

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I am the Social Media and Community Manager here at MommiesFirst and I am a Mom of two young (ish) children, an Aunt to a wee one and lover of ALL babies!  Did you know that I was also a Kindergarten teacher?  My favourite time of the day in my classroom was story time!  
Each week, I will be sharing a new book from DK Canada.  I have a love for baby and children’s books.  I love to read them as they make me smile and I love even more to share them with a baby or a child because if you watch carefully, reading a book with a little one truly lights up their little face.
Apr 082014

Are you expecting? Have kids already? How do you deepen the connection with your little one(s)?


Way back what feels like a hundred years ago when I was pregnant with the boy, I was a super nervous Nellie. And, I was sea sick – so, so seasick feeling for 24 weeks. I wanted to get excited about the pregnancy but after all the work to get baby in there I had a hard time believing it was real.


I spent months believing I’d have the rug pulled out from under me and the baby would be gone. Poof. I couldn’t make plans. I couldn’t buy tiny outfits, purchase anything for the nursery or see baby as a sure thing. I felt like I was in limbo.


I NEEDED to do something that made me feel there might be a baby at the end of the tunnel, but I also needed to have minimal emotional attachment to whatever this was. So, I started buying books for the bump. I choose books because I felt like I could easily donate them if something went wrong and I wouldn’t be imagining him in them like little clothes or blankies.


In hindsight, I wish I’d kept track of which book went with which week, because I dutifully purchased one book for each week of the pregnancy. In the early days of building my bump library I had to buy a few books at a time to make up for the weeks that had passed before I hatched my plan. And in the end, I only got to book 39 because the boy came 6 days early.


Laying in bed at night reading these carefully selected books to the bump allowed me to make a connection that I so desperately wanted and so desperately feared. We still read some of these books at bedtime. I bought picture books, board books and soft books. There were some I had loved myself as a child and some that just caught my eye at the bookstore.


It was at around 30 weeks that I finally started to get all the other necessary baby things lined up for his arrival. At that point, there was an empty room and a simple shelf filled with 30 books, just waiting for a little mind to open up and let the stories flood in. And a heart, full to the brim with love for the little unborn guy, just waiting for him to arrive so it could open up and finally let all of that love flood out.


If you need suggestions for some books to purchase for baby, feel free to see our weekly blog post called Amanda’s Pick.


DK Canada Baby Books

Apr 042014

This year, we are thrilled to be participating in the Ultimate Blog Party with 5 Minutes for Mom. We LOVE the name of their website, because we truly believe that all Moms deserve 5 minutes! Ultimate Blog Party 2014

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