Oct 162014

Ana Begins
“What happened to my Banana?” he said. “You use to be so fun”. Hmmph. Seriously. What did happen? I absolutely use to be fun (just ask Lorena…. Oh, wait on another note DO NOT ask her, she might tell you). As I dug the garbage out of the recycling can ready to strongly remind my family that dirty yogurt containers and used tissues DO NOT go in the recycle I wondered, “Where did I go? Should I start knocking door-to-door trying to find me”? If I had known this part of me would get lost I would have invested in a nice shiny tag that stated “When fun lost please contact Ana prior to 2008”.

I blame it on The Mom Switch. You know, that switch that goes “click” the moment your bundle gets handed to you for the very first time. Or is that the moment I quickly blame on becoming No Fun? I wish I had rolled my eyes at my beloved as I fished through the recycle bin, quietly fuming at how I am the only one who cleans up messes in this house. But I couldn’t because, dare I say it, “He was rrriig.. ri… right”. Could I live with the label, Buzz Kill, Party Pooper, Ball and Chain or even worse Annoying Mom? Could I live knowing every time my family made a mess I would shudder in resentment and annoyance at the task I would indeed have to clean up? No I couldn’t.

Why can’t I be the one to start the tickle wars, water gun fights and funny face contests? What is stopping me from making a special night dinner of hot fudge sundaes? Cannon-balls at the pool? I’m there! Singing at the top of my lungs in the car? Count me in! Fake reptiles in the drawers? The more the better! Fun Ana is back!

Just as soon as I clean up the exploded can of soda in the freezer and fish all of the loom bands stuck in the vacuum.

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