Apr 022014

We are proud sponsors of the FIRST ANNUAL Messiest Baby Contest! 195 photos of the cutest and messiest babies ages 0-5 have been submitted. Now it’s time to place your vote for your favorite photo or photos (you may vote ONE TIME per day per image). We understand how difficult it would be to vote for just ONE cute, messy baby, right?!


Here is the FUN part…once you vote, you are eligible to enter the exclusive giveaway! The giveaway winner will receive over 30 must-have baby and kids products, gift cards, and even gifts for moms like Jinja Jewelry and Rockin’ Green Soap!


Voting Round 1: Qualifying (April 1st – April 15th at 11:59 PM PST) In Round One, you may cast a vote ONE TIME per day, per image. Vote based on messiness or cuteness, the choice is yours! The top photos with the most votes, will advance to the second phase.


Voting Round 2: Semi-Finals (April 16th – April 30th at 11:59 PM PST) On April 16th, everyone who votes in Round 1 will be emailed the link to vote in the final phase. Each of the top photos will face-off in pairs of two. You will be able to vote for your favorite photo in each pair. The photo with the most votes in each face-off pair will advance to the next round (and also win a Baby Dipper bowl set, a no-slip, unique bowl that makes mealtime clean and fun!). The winning photos will be re-assigned into new pairs of two for another round of photo face-offs. You will continue to vote for your favorite photos in each round to determine the winner! The last photo standing will be crowned the Messiest Baby and win a grand prize of over 30 top wonderful prizes. AND… A second winner will also be chosen from the pool of people who voted during the contest; this could be you! The 2nd winner will receive a grand prize pack of over 30 prizes too!


The first screen collects your first name and email so you can receive an exclusive email that provides the link to enter the giveaway and also be notified when Round 2 voting begins.


Thank you for voting and participating in this fun opportunity.