May 232014

Two years ago our little company with a big heart opened its “doors” or in Internet speak, we launched our site. Reflecting upon the last couple of years, much has changed, but a lot of who we are at our core remains the same.

The inspiration for MommiesFirst was my own pregnancies and the births of my babies. So, when asked about our roots and who we are, I often think back to the bodega on our New York City block that I visited ALL the time to satisfy pregnancy cravings and then stock up on diapers or cream or anything baby related. Jam-packed in that little shop you could find everything (and I mean everything), but what I remember most was the nice man behind the cash register. He knew my name, he predicated a boy before we knew he was coming, and he always scolded me for not picking up a caramel for my husband (my husband’s favorite treat in the store). In a place like New York City, everything is supposed to be big and impersonal, but we had our little store where our experience always was personal, including the news that we were moving. (The sweet man behind the counter was devastated my husband was leaving him!).

I share this story because at MommiesFirst we aren’t trying to be something big. Instead, our hope is to build a company that is personal. A place where your name and your journey matters to us. In this day and age where companies can seem bigger (and flashier) because there is no physical store, our goal is to remain honest and authentic. We are a small team that has come together with a common purpose of making lives better for moms. I see 100% of your customer service questions, and often times I answer them myself. Amanda, our social media manager, has become a dear friend and she puts hours and hours of her time to make sure our community feels the love and care. We are truly a family affair too. Santiago, our Operations guy – yup, that’s my dad! By most metrics, there is nothing fancy about us. But, we have a lot of heart and I am extremely proud of the care that goes into creating each of our boxes.

Happy 2nd Birthday MommiesFirst! To our members and supporters, thank you for letting us fulfill my corner store dream, and stay tuned for more great MommiesFirst boxes!

With love and care,

P.S. You are ALL invited to come celebrate with us this Wednesday night (May 28th) from 9-10pm EST at our #MommiesFirst Twitter Party! Be sure to RSVP so that you qualify to be entered to win some great prizes!

  • Olivia

    It’s clear to me that you practice what you preach. I’ve always felt that personal touch in all my experiences with MommiesFirst. Happy birthday, and here’s to many more!

  • Lisa

    I love what you do, and enjoyed reading about how MommiesFirst was born. It’s obvious that you care deeply about your customers and each of their interactions with you. Congrats on your 2nd anniversary!! Here’s to many more wonderful years ahead!