May 232014

I personally appreciated the book What to Expect when You’re Expecting because it detailed all the stuff nobody told you (or didn’t want to tell you) about pregnancy. From time to time, we like to check in with our moms and give them an update on what’s next at MommiesFirst. But, not to worry – it’s all good news! Here’s what to expect from MommiesFirst in the coming months based on your feedback!

  1. Over the next several months, we are moving our MommiesFirst Notes and reviews online, so that you can access all the information they receive each month – anytime from anywhere. As we all know, moms are busy and often times outside of the home. Soon they will be able to access this information and shop online – from the comfort of their mobile phone.
  2. ​Our membership will be open to our next 1,000. Thank you for your continued support as we grow at a pace that ensures a unique, personalized box experience and superior customer service.

Love and Care,