Feb 132014

What laundry soap and stain remover do you use on your little one’s clothing?
  • kathy downey

    Thanks for the great tips ladies

  • Amy Lovell

    great tips! I have a few shirts that should have been treated but were forgottena nd are now ruined. Never again!

  • loucheryl

    I love the clothespin stain idea. With my two boys, I really need help remembering where the stain is or was on their clothes!

  • heidi c.

    That’s a great tip! I try to treat stains as soon as I see them but sometimes I don’t get to them right away. This will help me to remember!

  • loriag

    I like to put stain remover on tough stains right away and than wait a day and wash. Thanks for sharing your tip.

  • sarah jerome

    I use peroxide to get out most of my stains.. especialy good on blood stains for us ladies…

  • Elva Roberts

    An excellent stain remover, especially on white clothing, is a mixture of dish washer detergant (One block) and 1/2 cup javex in half a bucket of hot water in a plastic bucket. Add stained items. Check after 30 minutes. If stains gone, remove and wash as usual. For more stubborn stains, check every 30 minutes -removing items as they are stain-free. The above mixture is the best I have ever found to remove formula stains from baby clothes.