Feb 182014

A huge thank you to Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care for sharing the following tips with us!


February is Children’s Dental Health Month and to celebrate, we have put together a few tips that will keep your kid’s teeth healthy all year round.

  • It is recommended for children to brush their teeth 2 to 3 times a day after meals.
  • Use fluoride-free toothpastes that are safe while brushing. Children can brush unattended and they are even safe to swallow.
  • According to ADA (American Dental Association) and CDC (Center for Disease Control), more than 41% of American children have some type of dental fluorosis.
See below:
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  • Since 1997, FDA mandates that toothpastes that contain fluoride (as an active ingredient) must include a warning label to contact poison control centers in case it is over ingested by children. Beware of what kids of toothpastes you are purchasing for your children.
  • Use a toothbrush designed for children with soft and rounded bristles and a small head to reach back teeth and limited space areas.
  • Change your kids’ toothbrush every 2 months or as soon as bristles are worn out, so they do not harm your kid’s gums.
  • ADA recommends the use of non-fluoridated water for preparation of children’s formula due to the risk of fluorosis (toxic contamination with excess of fluoride in the body).
  • The American Dental Association recommends that parents should be flossing their child’s teeth as soon as he or she has any two teeth that touch. Cleaning between the teeth is important because it removes biofilm (plaque) where a tooth brush cannot reach.
  • Be wise with your kids’ lunch box and meals: avoid sugary (sodas, artificial juices) or starchy (crackers) snacks, since they can increase the risk for cavities.
  • Visit your dentist at least once a year for a complete and comprehensive check up.
  • francine

    thanks for the great tips. I was at the dentist yesterday and was mentioning that my kids were using the baby 0-2 toothpaste. I mentioned that my oldest was 5 and doesn’t spit his tooth paste out and asked if I should switch him to regular/big kid toothpaste. they said a lot of kids his age don’t spit toothpaste and that more parents should use fluoride free stuff until their kids spit it out. instead most go by the age on the toothpaste tube and don’t even think about it.

  • Amy Lovell

    Great article! That flossing is a huge deal !My daughter recently had a cavity filled, and they said it was not flossing. Who knew?~!

  • loucheryl

    I have to bring my 4 year old son to the dentist soon. He is so scared but I know it has to be done. He really freaks out when he gets a haircut. I don’t know what he will be like at the dentist. Wish me luck!

  • Jo-Anne Pfoh

    this was a great article thanks for posting. I could not agree more. Teaching good oral practices to our kids means they will have healthy teeth their whole life.

  • loriag

    What a great post. It is so important to take care of wee ones teeth. Thanks for sharing.

  • Diana Cote

    Our daughter is 2 and we have two, three toothpastes for her, one of them is the dr sharp one and two are brannan toothpaste one gel and the other is paste.. all flouride free but its been such a struggle. we get it done once or twice a day now, she didnt use to like it and is slowly getting better if i play along the game and hit it right. lol Thank you for the tips. 🙂

  • Elva Roberts

    I think it is really, really important to instill in children healthy brushing routines and the avooidance of colas and sugar. If eaten or ingested, They should also brush immediately. Seeing a dentist at least once a year is very important also. Once brushing becomes a habit. they are well on their way to a healthy mouth. Thank you for posting these important ways to have healthy teeth for a lifetime.