Feb 092015

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! Just because your little one may not be old enough to understand what Valentine’s Day is all about, many Mommies still enjoy spoiling their little ones with love anyhow! Last year, we shared a FREE PRINTABLE that you could add to a squeezable treat.

This year, we are featuring our Boogie Wipe Brand Partner with a special treat for your little one’s noses.

Will you boogie with me photo

It’s that time of year, when boogies can be flying all over the place! Why not treat your little one with a treat for their little nose?

  1. Purchase some Boogie Wipes.
  2. Print off the free Valentine’s Day printable below.
  3. Cut out your favourite tag and write a special note on the back for your little one.
  4. Attach the tag to your Boogie Wipes.

Valentine's Day Printable - Boogie Wipes

Enjoy sharing your love on Valentine’s Day this year! In our world, it’s simply another day to give special attention to the ones we love!