Jun 042014

Mothers play a very important part in our lives! Even when we are grown, many of us continue to have a need for our mother. Never underestimate the importance of your role in your child’s life, right from the very start!

Anne Taylor Quote

Have you had to kiss a boo-boo yet?

Have you had to pick up your little one and hold them because they were hurt?

It feels good to be there for your child, doesn’t it?!

Dec 202013
As parents, we have many questions that we ask of ourselves and others about our little ones and ourselves.  Sometimes, it helps to take a step back from the situation and you might surprise yourself by discovering that the answer is right there in front of you.

Do you find it is easier to give advice to your friends about their problems and concerns, but when it comes to your situations, you feel lost?  When you take that step back from your situation, ask yourself what advice you would give a friend!