Apr 282014

Whether it a choice or chance as we enter the path of parenthood we gather piles upon piles of rules, tactics, recommendations and demands.  We naively begin with expectations so set in stone, or we think, that our plans are fool-proof. The tactics that failed us in our childhoods at the hands of our parents are sure to be fixed by doing the exact opposite for our own offspring.  We take the successes of our parents and multiply them, thinking a double shot of proven hypothesis is sure to create Our Perfect Child. Foolproof. 


In the midst of making rules and schedules, following handbooks and experts we become trapped by our good intentions. The comparisons brought on by us or our peers can dig out hidden insecurities.  We feel clueless as we look in the mirror and cannot see the wonderful parent standing before us, but solely choose to see the reflection an imperfect human thinking ”I thought I had this”.


Let go of the third party handbooks, “expert” advice, how to’s and checklists.  Use the tools at your fingertips, your instinct, experience, mind and heart.  Be their guide, not their engineer.  Show them how to be human, flawed, beautiful, mindful, real and loving.  Because when they look at you all they see is perfection.


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