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Love Child Organics makes delicious organic baby food in convenient, portable and squeezable pouches!  Since milk, formula and baby food are baby’s only treats, we thought it would be good to come up with a fun way to give your little ones a small gift this upcoming Valentine’s Day!


Next, make little tags and tie them to the pouches.  You can personalize the tags if you wish by writing a To: and From: on the back side.  If you need some help, see below for some printable sheets with pre-made tags to help you!

Love Child Organics Valentine's Day fun




Love Child Organics Valentine's Day FunLove Child Organics Valentine Fun


Feel free to use our FREE printables below for your fun Valentine’s creation.  You can print and use as is or you can mount them on cardstock.  Attach a fun ribbon, give it a curl and there you have a fun Valentine’s gift for your little one.

I Love You Berry Much Printable

Click on the image above to view full sized printable.


You Are My Main Squeeze Printable Click on the image above to view full sized printable.


You are My Main Squeeze Printable

Click on the image above to view full sized printable.


If you decide to make these for your little ones, we would LOVE to see photos of your creations! Feel free to post them on our Facebook wall for everyone to see.


Jan 102014

We asked on Facebook and many of you answered that you enjoy making your own baby food, so we would like to share a recipe with you that we recently came across for making your own Chicken with Carrots and Apple Purée.

This recipe calls for:

  • olive oil
  • onion
  • carrots
  • unsalted chicken stock
  • chicken breast
  • apple

Visit mommydo.ca to see the full recipe for making your own Chicken with Carrots and Apple Purée


If you have a favourite homemade baby food recipe that you would like us to share, please feel free to Email Us.

Dec 032013

Leah-&-John-3Love-Child-Organics_150  Leah-&-John-2

 Can you tell us a bit about the Love Child Organics story?

Like many people, we had never really focused on what food was available for infants and young children. That was until our daughter, Poppy, entered our lives. We were suddenly incredibly busy, and were surprised (and somewhat frustrated!) by the lack of tasty, nutritious and convenient food and snack options available in stores.

In terms of baby food, the supermarket shelves were filled with jars and more jars, mostly non-organic, uninspiring in variety and often quite tasteless. The food for toddlers, even many of the ‘organic’ snack products, contained fillers, sodium and sugars.  Before becoming a mom, Leah spent many years teaching students with special educational needs and behavioural difficulties, and was very aware of the negative consequences of children eating foods containing such ingredients. She wanted Poppy, right from the start, to grow up with an appreciation for healthy ‘real’ food.

LCO-Family-Photo-3Leah, an experienced and enthusiastic cook, began making most of Poppy’s food at home, always being sure to add superfoods to each and every batch. Giving Poppy fresh and nutritious homemade food was obviously the ideal, but at times it simply wasn’t convenient. We still wished there were better ready-made options to choose from.  This desire became even stronger when our family expanded to include Cameron – now there was even less time to prepare baby food!

After much discussion, we decided we would start up our own food company for infants and young children. Our company would be committed to making organic, convenient and tasty food, with a strong focus not just on leaving out the “bad stuff”, but also on including as many nutritionally-rich, natural ingredients as possible. We would run our business with a sense of social responsibility, giving back to children in need, to make a difference on a larger scale.  Love Child Organics is that company, and we are very proud to bring our products to market.

 What are some exciting new developments for Love Child Organics?

We’ve just launched our second range of products called Simple Firsts. They are single ingredient purees perfect for new eaters, and we have several more products coming out in the fall. We’re really pleased with how they’ve turned out and can’t wait for them to hit the shelves.  It seems like almost every day we take on new retailer. It is so exciting to see our products hit the shelves across the country.

In the spring we filmed Dragon’s Den, and we’re looking forward to our segment airing sometime this autumn.

What (or who) inspires you when it comes to juggling a busy company and career with parenthood?

Our children, Poppy (3) and Cam (1) are our inspiration. If we work all the time and don’t spend quality time with them on a regular basis, it is all for nothing. Finding balance between work and family is very important to us. Luckily by working for ourselves, and together as a couple we are able be flexible with our schedules.

Also, since becoming entrepreneurs ourselves we’ve been exposed to so many other family or mom run businesses. It is inspiring to know that there are so many other parents out there running their own businesses whilst having a family. It feels like a real community of parent entrepreneurs.

Any momfession or dadfession? 

Being parents of young children is definitely more emotionally taxing than we expected!  1 and 3 year old are not the most rational beings!

Favorite mom, dad or baby product?

Baby- We love the Merino Kids Baby Sleep Sack. It can be worn from newborn all the way to 2 years old and the quality is amazing. Cam uses the two we bought for Poppy and they are still in almost perfect condition.

Mom- Clinique All About Eyes eye cream. It really does make me look at least slightly less tired.

Dad- My new Weber BBQ. It’s a whole new BBQ world.


 When they are older, I want my kids to most remember me as…

Leah: loving, happy, supportive
John: being there

 When parents find out what we do, they often say: 
“That’s so cool! You should go on Dragon’s Den! ……”

 In my free time, I love to…

Leah: cook, collect cookbooks, read novels, exercise. This year I finally hope to become passable at skiing. Maybe by the end of the season I’ll be able to say I love doing it.

John: run, road bike, golf, snowboard, ski 

 I’m dreaming of ­­­­­­­…

Leah: a car that doesn’t sound like it’s going to break down at any minute.
John: a well-earned holiday in the sun.

Love Child Organics products are now featured in our Canadian Food 1.0 Box: Introducing Solids! Bon Appetit!

With love and care,

Lorena Pacheco Scott Signature