Apr 032014
Welcome to Amanda’s Book Pick of the week!  
This week’s book is called my first Words Let’s Get talking!
The book stands out due to its bright colours and real images.  It is a perfect book to introduce your little one to a larger vocabulary in a fun way.  Words are organized by various categories that toddlers and older babies can relate to like clothing, playtime and food.

I particularly love the sturdiness of this book as well as the tabs along the top and sides that allow for easy page turning.

This book can be used in a traditional manner by pointing to each picture or image and saying its name OR you can make it into a fun hide and seek game to play with your little one.  You can ask your baby to find objects with specific characteristics (e.g. “Point to something blue.” or “Where is something BIG?”).

Do you want to add to your library at home?  
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I am the Social Media and Community Manager here at MommiesFirst and I am a Mom of two young (ish) children, an Aunt to a wee one and lover of ALL babies!  Did you know that I was also a Kindergarten teacher?  My favourite time of the day in my classroom was story time!  
Each week, I will be sharing a new book from DK Canada.  I have a love for baby and children’s books.  I love to read them as they make me smile and I love even more to share them with a baby or a child because if you watch carefully, reading a book with a little one truly lights up their little face.
Dec 032013


ANA BEGINS…..Toddler Story

I really could not tell you in what order my daughter’s first words came.  But you can almost guess that my favorite word she uttered early on was “Mama”.  Her sweet excited little voice would repeatedly sputter the word.  Her chubby cheeks would bubble and mouth bobble like a fishy, “Mamamamamamama”.  When she was happy, excited, needy, scared, tired, hungry, “Mamamamama”. It was her go-to word.   As she grew the syllables shortened and “Mama” came with different tones and a few demanding obligations.

Walking through the door after short trips to the grocery store I would be greeted with a big “Mama”! followed by big hugs and wet kisses.  It was the word I waited for all day sitting at my desk, itching to pick her up from school.  With “Mama”! came the most beautiful smile that made time stand still.

I treasured each and every moment I heard her call me.  Every morning as we got ready for the day I could count on hearing “Mama” at least five or six times.  One morning last October as I prepared breakfast I could hear her rummaging through her drawers trying to piece together a new “rock star girl” ensemble.  Knowing half her clothes were in the dryer, I headed toward her bedroom to let her know.  As I walked through the door she turned her head and said “Mom, I can’t find my purple ruffle skirt”.  My world stopped. She called me “Mom”.