Jan 102014

There are so many new things to learn when you first arrive home with your baby. One of the experiences that many new parents are very overwhelmed or intimated by is giving their baby a bath. You have to remember that newborn babies are rather flexible and that crying is their only means of communication.


Some babies LOVE water and others, not so much.


Either way you still need to clean them, so try to stay calm, take a deep breath and tell yourself “I CAN do this”. Here is a video that we found from BabyCenter.ca to help you out.




It is important to be as prepared as possible for your baby’s bath!


Have the following items ready and on hand:

  • bath tub filled with warm (but not too warm) water
  • 2-3 wash cloths (you never know when you might need more than one!)
  • your favourite baby wash
  • a container to pour water over baby (can be an empty yogurt container)
  • 2 towels (again, you never know when baby might decide that AFTER bath is a good time to have a poop explosion!)
  • a comb or soft brush to stimulate baby’s scalp


  • New Moms may have sore and/or weak abdominal muscles, so try to find a high space (like a kitchen counter or table) to bath your baby to minimize the amount of bending and strain on your back and tummy.
  • You may find using a water proof pad underneath the bath tub might help.
  • If your bathtub is sliding around, try using a small piece of rug hug (the product you place under your throw carpets to prevent them from slipping around) or a rubber placemat from the dollar store underneath the tub.
  • If you don’t have a baby bath tub, a clean kitchen sink works really well for small babies!
  • Right after the bath is not the best time for baby snuggles!  Bath time is often the time that babies decide to pee and poop!  Get that diaper on as soon as they are dried properly and dress them to get them warm and then enjoy lots of baby snuggles!
  • If you can, use two adults to bathe your baby for the first while, an extra pair of hands can always come in handy!


The top of a baby’s head smells SO good, doesn’t it?


Enjoy your baby.