Mar 262014
Welcome to Amanda’s Book Pick of the week!  
This week’s book is called Bedtime peekaboo!
  “Babies love playing peek-a-boo from about six months onward and once they latch on to this simple game, they can’t get enough of it! Dk’s Peekaboo books make the most of this fun interactive activity with flaps that open to reveal appealing babies and toys.”
This sweet, little book provides babies with a tactile experience including sparkly foil, and soft fabrics.  It has thick, large flaps that make page turning and flipping easy for little hands.  The bright colours and shiny features give this book additional visual appeal and make it very attractive to grab a little one’s attention.  This book includes very simple text which is perfect for babies aged 1-18 months.  I like the descriptive words that are added into the book that will allow for older babies to increase their vocabulary.
I love the layout of this book, with the large flaps and the solid construction!
Babies are always attracted to other babies.  When reading this book, your little one will feel like they are playing peekaboo with real babies who are featured in the photos and real life images.  As a baby reads this book over and over again (and I’m sure they will as it will become a favourite), their memory and communication skills will develop.

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I am the Social Media and Community Manager here at MommiesFirst and I am a Mom of two young (ish) children, an Aunt to a wee one and lover of ALL babies!  Did you know that I was also a Kindergarten teacher?  My favourite time of the day in my classroom was story time!  
Each week, I will be sharing a new book from DK Canada.  I have a love for baby and children’s books.  I love to read them as they make me smile and I love even more to share them with a baby or a child because if you watch carefully, reading a book with a little one truly lights up their little face.