Sep 032014

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September is a big month for most families. For those with “older” kids there are the Back To School preparations, while those with “younger” babies there is also the settling into a fall routine and classes. And for any family, there is a coming to terms with a change in the weather and the (sad) realization that summer has officially come to an end. But, did you know that September also marks the celebration of grandparents? September 7th is Grandparents Day, and because we want to honor all the grandparents that are helping raise our babies – big and small – we are celebrating them all month long at MommiesFirst. While today, grandparents likely no longer live right next door, it still takes a village to raise our little ones. In my own case, I’ve found grandparents to be instrumental in helping raise our boys. So, in our home, it is more than just a “Hallmark” holiday, it is an opportunity to honor, celebrate and give thanks.

I did not grow up with grandparents. In fact, I yearned so much for a grandparent that my beautiful, white-haired kindergarten teacher stepped up to the role (what a special woman). So I love that my boys don’t to need to adopt a grandparent, but instead are building deep, meaningful relationship with their beloved grandparents. And there is another side of grandparenting that I have come to appreciate as a new mom and through MommiesFirst. A kind, patient mother (or in my case, mother-in- law) can have a huge impact during a first time mom’s pregnancy and her first year as a new mom. Home cooked meals, a call to check in, words of support and comfort, free babysitting or a sleep-in are all ways in which my mother-in-law (and father in a law) supported our family in the earliest days of our parenting journey. My father took super abuelito (grandfather in Spanish) to a whole new level as well. For a time, he moved in with us, and was the extra set of hands we needed to manage two kids and one start up – MommiesFirst.

In my role at MommiesFirst, I have the opportunity to connect with grandparents on a daily basis when they purchase boxes for daughters, friends, etc. Often times they share their stories and excitement. It is very special to “feel” that love over email and we do take extra care to honor their wishes through our boxes. I am thrilled to turn September in Grandparents Month and honor all the grandparents out there and thank them for they generosity and boundless love. Do you have an extraordinary grandma or grandpa story? Please share it with me at

With love and care,
Grandparents Month
P.S. We have a couple of fun things planned this month to honour our Grandparents! Be sure to check in regularly.