Mar 052014

Today is the day

to help Spread the Word to End the Word!


Why should you take a minute and pledge to stop saying the R-word?


First and foremost, when you say the r-word, you’re using a slur. Yep. Maybe you haven’t thought of it that way before? It’s not a racial slur, but it is a word that belittles those with developmental disabilities. When you use the word, you’re saying that the person or the situation you are referencing is ‘less-than’. You’re speaking disparagingly of or casting aspersions. And, it’s mean. And nobody wants to be a meany.


I know, I know, it’s just a word. It’s a force of habit. You don’t really mean it THAT way, you’ve been saying it forever, you don’t even notice…


Well, when you say it, I notice. I NOTICE. Because that word is used to reference people like MY KID. My beautiful, surprising, sometimes challenged, always miraculous, amazing, fabulous kid.


So unless THAT’s what you mean when you say the word, it’s time to stop. The R-word has no place in your vocabulary any more. When you say it others around think it’s ok to say it and your kids learn to say it. And someday, when your kid says it to my kid, you’re really gonna wish you’d followed my advice. The R-word is just not ok anymore.


Today is the day to take the pledge to stop saying the R-word at