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Well, I’m gonna say right off the bat, that while I am absolutely thrilled to be guest blogging for MommieFirst, I’m not an expert. I’m the same as every want-to-be-a-mom, expecting-mom and just-trying-to-make-it-through-another-day-mom out there.


The only ‘expertise’ I have on Motherhood comes from living it, sometimes loving it, other times just trying to survive it. My house can be an embarrassment, my older kid’s behavior can be deplorable, and, when I was pregnant, I didn’t glow. Not for one day. That’s not to say I wasn’t thrilled to my sea-sick gills to be pregnant or that I don’t thank my lucky stars for my sweet littles every day. (I was, I do). More to say it hasn’t been easy. Real life is messy. Well mine is anyway. And, for me, the rewards don’t come without their fair share of hard work.


Thanks to a boat load of stick-to-it-ive-ness and the miracle of modern medicine, our family has been blessed with 2 petites. The first is now 4 and is a charming, funny, adorable handful of a boy. The second is a 13.5 month old baby girl. She is tiny, and giggly and feisty. She has to be, I suppose. She was born 6 weeks early and took a 25 day pit stop in the NICU on the way home. She’s also been diagnosed with a very rare genetic syndrome and has to work hard at every little thing that comes easily to other babies. That has brought a whole other aspect to parenting that I wasn’t expecting but we’re taking it in stride. And, she really is very cute which goes a long way when she is wide awake at 3 am. I also need to note the two in between. Part of so many other women’s story too, my miscarriages also play a role in defining who I am and my perspective on the road to parenthood. I know, people say *you’re not supposed to talk about miscarriage*, but I just don’t believe that to be true. And besides, this is my story, and I can talk about what I like.


Huh, when you lay it all out like that, it seems like a sad story. Infertility, never-ending morning sickness, more infertility, miscarriages, special needs baby. Please don’t read it that way. It’s not. It is the story of a hope that endured to produce one joy, was tested not once, but twice, then was blessed again. It’s every mother’s story. It’s a love story. And really, what’s a good love story without a few tears, right?


Like I said before, I’m no expert, but I am thrilled to be able open up the pages of our book and share our story.


I hope you enjoy the ride.

Dec 032013

Upon our search for some inspiring posts about being a Mommy, we came across a wonderful post written by Lisa from fab frugal mama
In this post, she compares her “pre-Mama” self and life with her current Mommy of two status.

Child Hand Holding Mommy Hand

“Before I became a Mom, I owned “Dry Clean Only” clothes; I coordinated my jewelry with my outfit, wore stylish shoes and (almost) always did my hair and makeup.

I had time to myself, read books, indulged in hobbies, and loved to go shopping. There was time to try out new recipes, do my nails, go to yoga, and further my career.

All that changed when I had kids…”

Find out how Lisa’s life has changed after having kids over at her blog, fab frugal mama.

Thank you, Lisa for sharing your Mommy post with us!
Lisa is a WAHM who started blogging after the birth of her second child. She would often get questions from first-time Moms about where to buy the coolest baby gadgets or what stroller she thought was the best so, while on maternity leave, the idea of writing her own blog was born. She loves writing about her parenting adventures, reviewing products for her family, and sharing ways to live well on a budget.

Dec 032013

We want to qualify this post and giveaway by saying that we fully respect and recognize that breastfeeding is NOT for everyone for a multitude of reasons!

However, we also want to acknowledge that breastfeeding is a huge part of having a new baby for so many Moms that we cannot ignore it.

This week is World Breastfeeding Week.

In support of this, we wanted to share this thought with you….if you do nurse your baby, OR if you plan to, staying calm is so important to achieving success.

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