Jan 292014


MommiesFirst is committed to finding only the very best products for moms and their babies. To help test the enormous amount of products and brands out there, we created the MommiesFirst Council. This amazing group of moms, dads, baby experts, and grandparents is responsible for testing and reviewing all products featured in MommiesFirst boxes.


We are delighted to announce we are now recruiting our 2014 class. If you are interested in joining us to make life a little bit easier and a lot less stressful for pregnant and new moms, please email helpmama@mommiesfirst.com for more details on the application process. We want to hear your story and why you would make an awesome council member! In the meantime, below is a bit more on the “job spec” and whose shoes you are going to be filling!

REVIEW products and tell us your honest thoughts! 
RECOMMEND great products you come across or learn about from your friends and family
SUPPORT MommiesFirst and our growing community of moms because we know it’s not all roses 
Our 2012/2013 MommiesFirst Council Class is made of an amazing group of….

Bloggers and joggers
Hard working moms (and dads), whether at home or outside the home
Passionate folks who are determined to make the world a better place for all little ones
And, they’re not shy. They have voices and want to be heard when it comes to finding awesome, safe, effective products for moms and babies

Speak up. Tell us more about you at helpmama@mommiesfirst.com! We can’t wait to hear your story!

With love and care,