Aug 202014

The last trimester of pregnancy and the first 6 weeks of having a newborn could be very tiring. Getting your energy level to match up with your to-do list could be challenging.

I remember those days; dragging myself out of the bed to go to work when my very pregnant body just wanted to catch up with sleep. My baby was colicky so things did not get better fast enough after delivery.

The good thing is that things do get better as your little one grows and falls into a routine

I will be sharing 5 timeless tips for increasing your energy and getting more done that would apply well beyond the pregnancy and newborn phase.
Ways to increase your energy and get more done

  1. Get some sleep
    Don’t fall into the trap of shaving off sleep time to get things done. Every once in a while is okay but slashing sleep is not a long term strategy.
  2. The sleep debt collector will hit you up for payment at the most inopportune time. The brain does not get to recharge and reboot. Your stress hormones rage. You get snappy and irritable. Being sleep deprived could make you more prone to post-partum depression.

    Enlist your partner- play tag team for sleep time if you have to.

  3. Exercise
    I know, I know. You are too exhausted from all the running around and too busy to make time for exercise.
    How about the time you spend relaxing in front of the TV? That’s time that can go to exercise. You have to go about it in a way that works for you.

    After paying gym membership dues for a whole year without stepping in there once, I bought an elliptical machine so I can work out at my convenience.
    You would find me on it at 9:30PM on some nights, not optimal exercise time but hey, whatever works.

    Fit4Mom (formerly known as Stroller Strides) is a wonderful program where moms can bring in their little ones in strollers to participate in exercise routines.

  4. Eat well
    You are what you eat. Avoid foods that get you bloated or constipated. You are never your best when gassy. If you are nursing, those same foods would likely make your little one gassy and fussy as well.
  5. Buy back your time
    You can’t get back your time and you can’t have 2 more hours in your day. The reprieve is to pay, barter or beg to have more time for what counts.
    I very much doubt your kids’ care who cleans the bathroom or who schedules their dental appointment.
    They do care that you show up at their recital so make time for the important events/activities and get affordable help for the non-deal breakers.
  6. Coffee
    My favorite pick-me-up! Don’t overdo caffeine. 1-2 cups a day should be fine. Going above 4 cups is asking for trouble. You could start experiencing the coffee headaches, poor sleep and bladder leakage issues.

Take heart in this; the parenting days are very long but the years are incredibly short! Savor the time you have with your kids.

I would love to hear the tips and tricks you employed to “do it all”.

Dr. Bola
Bola Oyeyipo is a mom of 2 little ones, a family doctor and co-founder of where she breaks down the complex world of women’s health & medical issues into easy to digest nuggets.

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Apr 282014

Whether it a choice or chance as we enter the path of parenthood we gather piles upon piles of rules, tactics, recommendations and demands.  We naively begin with expectations so set in stone, or we think, that our plans are fool-proof. The tactics that failed us in our childhoods at the hands of our parents are sure to be fixed by doing the exact opposite for our own offspring.  We take the successes of our parents and multiply them, thinking a double shot of proven hypothesis is sure to create Our Perfect Child. Foolproof. 


In the midst of making rules and schedules, following handbooks and experts we become trapped by our good intentions. The comparisons brought on by us or our peers can dig out hidden insecurities.  We feel clueless as we look in the mirror and cannot see the wonderful parent standing before us, but solely choose to see the reflection an imperfect human thinking ”I thought I had this”.


Let go of the third party handbooks, “expert” advice, how to’s and checklists.  Use the tools at your fingertips, your instinct, experience, mind and heart.  Be their guide, not their engineer.  Show them how to be human, flawed, beautiful, mindful, real and loving.  Because when they look at you all they see is perfection.


To learn more about Ana, please read our introductory post about her.
Mar 052014

Today is the day

to help Spread the Word to End the Word!


Why should you take a minute and pledge to stop saying the R-word?


First and foremost, when you say the r-word, you’re using a slur. Yep. Maybe you haven’t thought of it that way before? It’s not a racial slur, but it is a word that belittles those with developmental disabilities. When you use the word, you’re saying that the person or the situation you are referencing is ‘less-than’. You’re speaking disparagingly of or casting aspersions. And, it’s mean. And nobody wants to be a meany.


I know, I know, it’s just a word. It’s a force of habit. You don’t really mean it THAT way, you’ve been saying it forever, you don’t even notice…


Well, when you say it, I notice. I NOTICE. Because that word is used to reference people like MY KID. My beautiful, surprising, sometimes challenged, always miraculous, amazing, fabulous kid.


So unless THAT’s what you mean when you say the word, it’s time to stop. The R-word has no place in your vocabulary any more. When you say it others around think it’s ok to say it and your kids learn to say it. And someday, when your kid says it to my kid, you’re really gonna wish you’d followed my advice. The R-word is just not ok anymore.


Today is the day to take the pledge to stop saying the R-word at