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In honor of Staying Heathy & Staying Fit Month for Moms, we asked our fitness expert, brand partner, Andrea Page to share her personal story with our MommiesFIrst Community!

 Can you tell us a bit about the FITMOM story?

I started FITMOM as a single mom about 13 years ago.   I had postpartum depression and exercise was my key to feeling up.  My baby would not be put down. FITMOM was the answer to my postpartum depression, employment and my baby who wanted to be held at all times.

 What are some exciting new developments for FITMOM?

We have just started ONLINE training and even have clients in Asia now. We are also launching our FITMOM certification in the USA.

 What (or who) inspires you when it comes to juggling a busy company and career with motherhood?

I have been asked this question so many times over the years. I actually think women who juggle too much is not a fair scenario to anyone involved. I was that mom who worked like a dog and did everything else. Burn out is inevitable. Now I look to women who truly embrace balance and recognize they cannot do it all and refuse to perpetuate an image to the public like they do.

 Favourite mom or baby product?

I love baby wraps or baby wearing carriers. I love Mei Tei’s and Ergos.  Baby wearing is a life saver for busy moms keeping them active while babies stay close.

 The 2 biggest pieces of wisdom you would share with moms:

#1: Don’t sweat the small stuff.

#2: Don’t define parenting by social expectations but by what feels right to you.


Please fill in the blanks.

 When they are older, I want my kid(s) to most remember me as someone who loved them and tried to make a difference even in the difficult times.

 When parents find out what I do, they often say: How Cool!”

 In my free time, go dancing!

 I’m dreaming of seeing my boys grow up healthy and happy.

Andrea – thanks for an honest look into FITMOM and your inspiration(s)!  We’ve taken on of Andrea’s classes (without baby in tow!) and I still got my butt kicked! Thanks for keeping me in line, Andrea!

With love and care,

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