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 Can you tell us a bit about the Sigrid Naturals story?

The founder of Sigrid Natural Skin Care and a wildcraft maven, Sigrid Geddes has always been a child of the forest. Without electricity, nature was her entertainment growing up in the hills around Killaloe and Wilno, Ontario. With a mother who was part of the back-to-the-land movement and a fanatical lover of nature, Sigrid has come by her passion honestly.

The craft of cream came to Sigrid in 2003 following a difficult-to-heal wound in her hand, the result of a serious car accident. Frustrated with conventional drug store options, she turned to a friend’s homemade comfrey salve. Within a day the swelling and infection ceased. Excited about the power of this homemade product, she asked her friend to teach her how to make it. Sigrid immediately fell in love with the experience of crafting natural herbal body products. She began producing larger batches of her homemade skin care products, giving them to friends as presents. Since 2004, she has been harvesting, experimenting and apprenticing to create her current line of unique products.

Since 2009, Sigrid has been lucky enough to spend part of each year in the wine valleys of the Minnervois region of France. She is currently working on settling in two countries and creating a beautiful French line.

 What are some exciting new developments for Sigrid Naturals?

The development of the French line…the new online shop and ….the rebirth of arising; women in nature

What (or who) inspires you when it comes to being an entrepreneur

What inspires me most in my entrepreneurship is when I do my “community work “ with  “at risk youth groups”. I love their energy; their realness!!

Of course I also love it when people really get the concept of my product – the work and love that go into them. And I love it when kids like my products…that’s when I know they are really good!

I also get inspired by discovering new to me local wild medicinal plants and also (especially in France) locally produced ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil.

The 2 biggest pieces of wisdom you’d impart to about staring an eco-conscious business/being an entrepreneur?

#1 Passion!

#2 Patience!


 Favorite part about founding Sigrid Naturals is ­­­­­…a true part of who I am …. I am indeed a nature lover, I get to create products called Flower Power. How awesome is that?!

 When women (or moms) find out what I do, they often say:  “You have a really cool job. I would love to do that…

 In my free time, I love to…play guitar, sing, dance, bike, drink fine wine and hang with my pals.

 I’m dreaming of ­­­­­­­…Going to University and taking sociology!!!

We can’t wait to try the new line and toast to its success with a glass of wine (or two).

With love and care,

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  • Vesper

    Love finding new natural products – I have problems with my skin reacting badly to all the chemicals in most products