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Penny Lane Organics Founders and Family
(left to right) Bo Penny holding Lorena (Ksenija’s granddaughter), Brian Penny and Ksenija Cucic (Bo’s sister and partner)

 Can you tell us a bit about the Penny Lane Organics story?

We’re a small family owned and operated company located in the beautiful Beaver Valley (Ontario) on 3 acres with gardens, including Medicinal Herb garden and spring fed streams running through the property. At some point in our lives we decided to go “back to the basics” in our vegetarian and sustainable lifestyle, to grow our own food and make everything we can ourselves. That included making personal care products four our family members. Once we mastered the newly acquired knowledge and skills we decided to offer these products to others who wanted all natural vegan or vegetarian and toxin free products for themselves and their loved ones.

Our recipes and our products reflect our life choice and are based on our personal philosophy that if we wouldn’t put something IN our bodies then we won’t put it ON our bodies either. Therefore when we design our own proprietary recipes for natural personal care products we choose ingredients that are often found in the kitchen or garden.

 What are some exciting new developments for Penny Lane Organics?

Bringing new products to the market is always exciting and we’re always working on new recipes. We’re also excited about the recognition our natural deodorants, our rough skin balms and our baby products have been receiving in the media. And finally – our Medicinal Herb garden is expending and providing inspiration for new recipes and new products.

What (or who) inspires you when it comes to being an entrepreneur?

Anyone that conducts their business with honesty and integrity and who cares more about the customer than about the profit. Those are the people that provide excellent customer service even when the customer might not be completely right 🙂

The 2 biggest pieces of wisdom you’d impart to about staring an eco-conscious business/being an entrepreneur? 

#1 Educate yourself about all relevant regulations governing the industry you’re in so you know you’re doing everything right and in the best interest of the consumers.
#2 Honesty, integrity and an exceptional customer service is a key to success and to staying in business. If you’re a small company you can’t compete with large players in the market but if you provide excellent product and customer service and if you’re honest with your customers you will succeed.
Penny Lane Organics
 Favorite part about founding Penny Lane Organics is ­­­­­­­­­meeting so many like-minded people; having the opportunity to educate consumers about dangers of toxins in their everyday products and seeing how many young parents are making the right decisions when choosing personal care products for their children.

 When women (or moms) find out what I do, they often say: “Wow! How do you do that? And …Thank you for making such wonderful products”

 In my free time, I love to… in our gardens.   My husband and I live for gardening. Any other free time is spent reading, listening to the music or doing yoga and meditating.

 I’m dreaming of ­­­­­­­…world in which all people are equal, where we no longer notice the skin colour and don’t care about religious or sexual orientation. World without wars, violence, poverty and hunger. Beautiful planet Earth – our Mother that offers safe existence and sustains all living beings.

Penny Lane Organics products can be found in both our Expectant Mom and New Mom/Baby Boxes!
We are honored to have partnered with Bo and Penny Lane Organics!

With love and care,

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