Dec 032013

So, we had this really amazing post ready to go on how much we LOVE (yes, love) popchips and what a great snack it is for a mom who is “always on the go” – you know running after her kids, feeding her kids, diapering her kids, etc. (the list can go on and on, so who has time to eat?)

But alas (this really seems the appropriate word to use here to add more drama to the situation) this brilliant piece will not see the light of day thanks to two adorable little girls who also fell in love with popchips.  At MommiesFirst everything we do is about moms and their babies, and in this particular case – two little ladies’ review of popchips tell the story far better than I ever could! So, I will keep it simple – we are thrilled to have popchips on board as a brand partner.  And now, over to Madison and Molly for their thoughts and feedback – in their own words (literally).

Step 1: the brand ambassador arrives (thanks popchips!)


Step 2: Inspecting the package

Step 3: two thumbs up! (whole new meaning to “kid tested, mom approved!”)

With love and care,

Lorena Pacheco Scott Signature

PS sea salt & vinegar is my favorite flavor these days! What’s yours??