Dec 032013

How often do we say: “is there an app for that?!” With the growing popularity of the ipad and how easily little ones pick up and use it,  we have been looking for great (educational) apps to enjoy as a family.  And we’ve finally found one!!!

We recently discovered the Mulberry Fingerplays app.   Rather than have your little one get lost in a YouTube video or game – this app engages parents and turns us into the best toy in the house!  Fingerplays are quick and entertaining little tickle games, songs and rhymes with hand actions like “Eensy Weensy Spider” that teach critical early learning skills through PLAY with Mommy and Daddy (or loved one).  Check it out! Details below!

App Name:    Mulberry FingerPlays for iPad / Mulberry FingerPlays for iPhone
Company:     Mulberry Media Interactive
TW:          @mulberrymediai
iTunes Link:

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