Dec 032013


For the last six weeks I voted daily AND shamelessly asked friends, family, and MommiesFirst fans to vote for our little company with a big heart for the 2013 Mompreneur Award of Excellence. Yesterday, they announced the Top 10 Finalists and we (MommiesFirst) didn’t make the cut. My incredibly supportive friends and family (you know who you are) sent me sweet emails with condolences, which I very much appreciated it. But, truthfully, I don’t feel bad. I’m feeling just fine. And it’s not because I don’t like to win, because just ask my husband – I definitely like to win! It’s just that that my deep appreciation for entrepreneurs and in particular, a mom entrepreneur, is now stronger than that annoying Type A personality of mine. We (mom entrepreneurs) juggle the daunting (and often times incredibly lonely) task of starting a business (and all that fear and uncertainty and guilt for spending, I mean, investing our kids’ college funds), while also managing a household, staying up with our kids late at night when they’re sick, holding their hands when they’re scared, helping with homework, etc. (I mean, the list is eternal). Personally, I am very proud of all that we’ve accomplished with MommiesFirst and the impact we are having on moms. Of course, I would have liked the “shiny trophy”, but honestly, just being in the company of the 275 other nominees/moms/businesses that were in the running is an honor because I KNOW the blood, sweat and tears they’ve poured into their businesses. And honestly, it feels a little less lonely to know there are 274 other women who are working their butts off in hopes of building something special to honor, support and inspire their kids.

So, you know on Oscar night when the (losing) nominees say, “It’s an honor to just have been nominated,” I never believed for a second that anyone really felt this way, but maybe they do. And when respond ever so graciously and comment – “Meryl Streep deserved it”, I now know they may actually mean it. Congrats to all the nominees and a special salute to those mommies who made the Top 10. It has been a pleasure to be in your company. Moms – keep on working your tails off and turn that dream into a reality. In the meantime, if you ever need to vent or cry or laugh – email me at

With love and care,

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PS I purposely wrote mom + entrepreneur instead of mompreneur. I’ve earned every letter in those two words, so I’m not going to shorten it tonight! ☺

PS My partner in crime while I wrote this late night blog. My 3 year old son and I hard at work!


  • Sara

    Lorena, this post was just what I needed to see pop up across my newsfeed tonight! It was like a friend reached out and said “hello” and “I understand you”! Your post was the hug I needed! Thanks for the beautiful reminder that there are many of us, mom entrepreneurs, who truly reach into the depths of our being to do all we want to do! Congratulations on all you have accomplished with MommiesFirstBox and the joy you are bringing to moms each month and day! xo~Sara

  • Lorena Scott

    Thanks so much for your sweet note, Sara! We have to support each other!