Dec 032013

Because we still have a good month of so of summer and we will all be participating in summer activities and experiencing hot weather, we felt it was important that our Expectant Mommies get as much information about they can in order to keep themselves safe.

Safe Pregnancy

“Anyone who has ever been in the late stages of pregnancy during the summer knows how uncomfortable it can be! Dealing with the heat when you’re not pregnant is bad enough! Factor in a growing belly, hormone changes, heat flashes and an inability to get comfortable, and it can be downright misery-inducing! Factor in the desire to still do fun things with your family while maintaining a safe pregnancy and you’re facing some major potential challenges. We have some great tips for you, but remember, your doctor’s instructions and recommendations trump any advice you find online.”

Be sure to visit Our Family World to read some great Tips for a Safe Pregnancy During the Summer.

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