At MommiesFirst we believe in moms helping moms!

We also believe in debunking myths. So lets wipe out Super Mom and replace her with Happy Mom! And in support of Happy Mom, we’re launching the Help Mama series, which is dedicated to introducing our community of moms to companies whose sole purpose is to ……. yes, you’ve got it – help mama.


This week, we are sharing a company called The New Mummy Company created by, Maria Robertson….



Can you tell us a bit about your entrepreneurial story?

I have always been self employed since I started in the baby industry almost 14 years ago as a maternity nurse as we are known in the UK. I didn’t ever think of myself an entrepreneur back then and I still don’t if I am honest. However since moving to Canada things have grown exponentially. I didn’t expect things to grow as fast or as quickly as they have but I am delighted with the response and the demand. I have had to react to the demand for my services by growing a team to work with me and hiring an assistant to help me run the office. All this in under 2 years so it’s been a whirlwind but I wouldn’t change a thing. 


How do you feel you are helping moms (and Dads!) most?

Probably one word sums this up, SLEEP! It’s really all new parents want is sleep but it’s also something that both parents and baby need. Sleep is so vital to our overall well being and health. Assisting new and many not so new families get a good nights sleep is definitely how I feel I help them most. Supporting new parents in whatever aspect they feel they need the support is how we work, so many parents ask for my consultancy services and much of that surrounds creating good habits in the early days and other parents look to hire our night nannies so that they can sleep well overnight while we take care of the baby and all the nursery duties overnight. However we support the family always seems to come back to sleep. 


    What (or who) inspires you when it comes to creating a business committed to helping moms (and/or babies)?

    My families that I work with each and every day are the ones who inspire me the most. I love what I do and to be able to do what I enjoy is an immense pleasure and gift. I continually hear from past clients that their babies and now children are doing so well, eating well, sleeping well and that is what inspires me to continue helping parents.  So as long as there are babies being born I see myself working with new parents and their babies. 


    What are some exciting new developments for your business?

     Ooh that’s a great question. We have so many plans for next year to continue to grow with the demand for our services. However we have just recently launched a new peer support service for moms suffering from post partum depression.  We have the most wonderful lady who will be our counselor and she herself was a two time survivor of PPD. I am so lucky to have Sandra join our team and the families who will have her support them will be getting a really sincere, warm and comforting person who has been through PPD. We are expanding many of the services that we currently offer and I am very excited about expanding our services so that we can offer even more to our clients. The other thing that will be live very soon is our shopping page. I have sourced the most essential products that new parents will use over and over again and put them on my website for sale. After working in the baby industry for so long I know the products that work and the products that I repeatedly find myself recommending for my clients so now they are all in one place. Previously we had to visit many stores before we could source everything that I was recommending to my clients but not any more. 


    The 2 biggest pieces of wisdom you’d impart to about being an entrepreneur?

    First –  Follow your dreams and don’t listen to anyone who has anything negative to say or imply about your dream, when you hear them say what if, how will you pay your bills, who do you think you are then don’t listen, follow your dreams. Only you know what your dream is, so dream big and then follow that dream. 


    Second –  Seek support and guidance. Get all the help that you can. Don’t be afraid or too proud to ask for help and assistance. Having support and advice from those in similar businesses will be invaluable as you can learn so from them, even from their mistakes. Women in business are truly a great support to other women in business and there is so much that you can learn from those who have been in business for many years. I have yet to meet another woman who doesn’t want to share her experience to help another woman starting her business. 



    Some more information about Maria:

    My favorite part about The New Mummy Company is… knowing we made a difference in a family’s life. Helping them find their way in their parenting journey and seeing the difference we made in their lives for the better. ­­­­­­

    When parents find out what I do, they often say:  “I wish I had known about you when I had my babies”

    In my free time, I love to… I honestly don’t have a lot of free time as if I was to say I did then I would get caught out by those that know me best. I am a workaholic and I readily admit it. However I do try to walk our golden retriever Jock everyday with my husband. It is my new years resolution to make more time for myself so that I can finally start that yoga class.  

    The last book I read was… all I ever read are parenting and baby books. I have many books waiting to be read on my kindle but who knows when I will have the time to read them. 

    I’m dreaming of…  ­­­­­­­­a cruise for my 10th wedding anniversary this August….


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