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 Can you tell us a bit about the White-o-Coccoli story?
White-o-Coccoli started when my youngest asked for her own personalized spoon. Knowing I wouldn’t find one with her unique name on it in the stores I started researching how to make one. What I read scared me. I had no idea how many toxic chemicals went into children’s plastic and melamine tableware. I knew I wanted different for my children and that desire turned into being able to offer an alternative for all children.

 What are some exciting new developments for White-o-Coccoli?
 I am always looking for beautiful Eco additions to the WOC line when it comes to tableware, and keep your eyes open for an article in Eco Parents  Magazine this Fall!

 What (or who) inspires you when it comes to juggling a busy company and career with parenthood? 
My family has always been my support as well as my inspiration!  I definitely don’t do it all on my own and I am thrilled to have so much family around to help me with it all when the days get tough.

 Any momfession?
My house isn’t always clean.  There are many days when I just can’t juggle it all and on those days the house is the first to go.  This is the reason I’ve always enjoyed the saying “my house isn’t clean but my kids are happy”.  I can happily say mine are!

 Favorite mom or baby product?
Organic virgin coconut oil!  This stuff is in little containers all through my house.  Being a natural family we use it for almost everything.  Chapped lips, dry hair, cooking, lotion…the list goes on!

 The 2 biggest pieces of wisdom I’d impart to moms are:
#1  Squishies and cuddles are the best medicine!

#2  There is always time for detours, stalled moments and walking slowly, even when you feel rushed for time.  I find quite often these are the times when they most wonderful memories are made!


 When they are older, I want my kids to most remember me as… Loving.  I tell my children at least twice a day (more often it’s about a dozen) that I love them.  I hope they remember that.

 When parents find out what I do, they often say: They are so proud of me for following my heart.

 In my free time, I love to…Play with my children!  I don’t get to do that often enough and I love to take advantage of every opportunity!

 I’m dreaming of a­­­­­­­…Vacation near the ocean.  My girls have never seen the ocean and I would really love to show it to them!

White-o-Coccoli wooden spoons made their debut this summer and are making MommiesFirst moms and babies smile!

With love and care,

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