Dec 012014

It is that time of year when many of us focus on the season of GIVING! This time, it is our turn to give to YOU in order to help you give to others!

We are offering our biggest subscription box sale of the year here at MommiesFirst!

subscription box sale

AND because we know that you are very busy, we have also created a FREE printable gift card that you can include under the tree for your friend or loved one!

We have given you three choices. To print, simply save the image to your computer and open it to print.
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subscription box sale

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blog_littleheart-e1336658915411_smallHappy Holidays from The MommiesFirst Team!

Sep 082014

At MommiesFirst we believe in moms helping moms!

We also believe in debunking myths. So let’s wipe out Super Mom and replace her with Happy Mom! And in support of Happy Mom, we’re launching the Help Mama series, which is dedicated to introducing our community of moms to companies whose sole purpose is to ……. yes, you’ve got it – help mama.

This week, we are sharing a company called Curiosity Box ….

Curiosity Box
Curiosity Box is a subscription service whose mission is to provide you the convenience of having a collection of crafts and activities on hand at a moments notice – for use on a rainy afternoon, a quiet evening after a busy day, or some quality one on one time!

Can you tell us a bit about your entrepreneurial story?

I have always been a self-motivated, enthusiastic and adventurous individual both in my professional and personal life. For ten years I poured every ounce of my passion and abilities into a job in the field of social services. After my first son was born, like many new moms, I struggled balancing a 9-5 work week with the responsibilities of being a mother and wife. After realizing for myself how difficult it was to spend quality time interacting with my son as well as pushing myself professionally, the idea for Curiosity Box was born. Taking the plunge into entrepreneurship is no easy feat, but after diligently developing a business plan, a marketing strategy, an online retail website… as well as having a second child… Curiosity Box was officially launched in April 2014. Not without its challenges, Curiosity Box is now almost 5 months old. After a furious start and unwavering commitment the business has continued to grow and has now delivered crafts and activities to curious young minds across Canada. As we continue to develop product and explore partnerships I am continuously inspired and humbled by the support I have received from family, friends, and other entrepreneurs in London, Ontario and across Canada… without them Curiosity Box would still be an entrepreneurial story waiting to unfold.

How do you feel you are helping moms (and Dads!) most?

I think we can all unanimously agree that the most precious thing in life is time. Time spent with our children, grandchildren and loved ones is even more precious. Time is fleeting… it should be everyone’s goal to make every second count. The whole concept behind Curiosity Box is to simply enhance the quality time that you get to spend with your children, grandchildren and loved ones by having a collection of crafts and activities on hand at a moment’s notice. It’s partly about convenience it’s partly about not having to plan… but it’s all about having fun during those precious moments that you have with your loved ones.

What (or who) inspires you when it comes to creating a business committed to helping moms (and/or babies)?

Inspiration for creating Curiosity Box has come in all sorts of forms but my biggest inspiration is from my two busy little boys. I’m sure every mother goes through the same thing I went through when both my children were born, you feel this overwhelming urge to spend every conceivable moment with them. Easier said than done right?! It turns out life is kind of hectic and that precious time you yearn for is something that a lot of us either don’t have or crave more of. The overwhelming need to spend more precious time with my children is really why I created a business that is solely focused on helping parents engage in creative time with their kids. As with a lot of good ideas, the concept behind Curiosity Box has an amazing number of positive spin-offs… Obviously quality time is important… but what parent doesn’t want to pry their kids away from their iPad, TVs, and video games to take part in some good old-fashion crafting and activities?! There isn’t a child psychologists around that won’t tell you that social interactions as well as cutting stuff out with scissors, colouring, painting and gluing… and perhaps just as importantly, following directions, asking for help, and putting stuff together… foster the sort of developmental skills that turn kids into world renowned artists, genius engineers, and steady handed surgical residents. Ok, so putting together a sock puppet isn’t going to magically turn your child into a rocket scientist… but you really never know what that precious moment spent with your child is going to end up inspiring… Curiosity you say?! Heck ya!

What are some exciting new developments for your business?

We always are finding new ways to help busy parents and kids be excited about crafting, creating and exploring! Therefore, we continue to add product line to help parents find convenient ways to engage with their children while having fun. We are also currently growing our brand partners. Just recently though we have made a first-of-its-kind partnership with global brand KINDER® SURPRISE® and we were also awarded the PTPA Winner’s Seal of Approval, which is a parent-tested, parent-approved review-based award.

The 2 biggest pieces of wisdom you’d impart to about being an entrepreneur?

It isn’t easy… but it’s so worth it. I think there is another level of job satisfaction when you are involved with building, developing, shaping and growing something that you’ve started with your own hard work, patience, sweat and tears. As with anything in life being an entrepreneur takes dedication. You have to be wholly and earnestly devoted to your business, take your lumps when they are handed out to you, and humbly accept credit when credit is due. You might be thinking to yourself, oh boy I’m not sure that I have what it takes… but it turns out when you are truly passionate about something you’ll start leaping over hurdles that you would have otherwise been terrified to leap over and not even think twice about it. Don’t think you can handle the late nights? Have another cup of coffee. Wondering how your sales projections will pan out? Don’t worry about it, just knock on a few more doors. Worried about whether your business will be a success? Throw away everything you ever knew about the metrics of success and ask yourself one simple question… Do I love what I am doing? Then just do it. It isn’t easy… but it’s so worth it.

Some more information about the founder:
Curiosity Box Founder

Our favorite part about Curiosity Box is…  how excited kids and parents get when they see that they can have a box full of fun delivered right to their door! Seeing pictures and hearing the stories about how kids have LOVED their Curiosity Boxes coming every month have truly brought tears to my eyes. I love that I can help parents engage with their children in a convenient, fun and creative way.

When people find out what we do, they often say: “What a cool concept. I love this idea! What kid doesn’t love getting mail?!”

In my free time, I love to … spend time with my family and friends. My husband and my boys mean so much to me and we love to do so many fun things together…of course we love crafting and doing activities, but we also love camping, hiking, exploring and just hanging out! I also love hanging out with our friends.

The last book I read was… Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.

We are dreaming of… so many things for Curiosity Box. I have big goals and dreams for this company and I can’t wait to continue to see where things go!


If you have an occasion to give a child a gift, we highly recommend Curiosity Box as a great option!

Use Discount Code MOMMIESFIRST to receive 10% off of your subscription.
Valid until September 15, 2014.

You will receive Easy Daysies in your first box in October!

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May 252014

Welcome to our Month of MOM Celebration!

We would like to take the opportunity this month to celebrate YOU!

We will be hosting weekly giveaways and ending our month with a HUGE Twitter party on Wednesday May 28th, 9pmEST!

RSVP for the Twitter Party NOW!


This week we have giveaway prizes from the following companies:

Pediped – A pair of pediped shoes – arv $35-55

Oliver’s Labels – $50 Gift Certificate



shoo-foo – Bamboo Throw for Mom – arv $98


Thought Spots – 2 Thought Packs and 3 Big Thoughts (winner’s choice) –  arv $46



cloud b – A cloud b blanket – arv $45

OXO Tot A Bathing Set (arv $45)

There will be 6 winners chosen at the end of this giveaway (over $300 in prizes total).
Prizes and winners will be selected randomly.


Giveaway Rules and Regulations: Giveaway Open to: Canadian and US Residents (must be age of majority in place of residence at time of entry to participate.)
Giveaway begins: May 26, 2014 1:00am Giveaway ends: June 1, 2014 11:59PM
No purchase is necessary.
Giveaways are subject to all Federal, Provincial, and Municipal laws and regulations.
Giveaways are void where prohibited by law. By entering the following giveaway, you are accepting that if you win your contact information will be shared with a company or PR agency for the purpose of mailing your prize.
All giveaways hosted by MommiesFirst are not associated, nor sponsored by Facebook or any other Social Media platform. We hereby release Facebook (and all other social media platforms) of any liability.
Winners will be selected randomly using Giveaway Tools within 72 hours of the giveaway.
Winners will be notified via email. Winners will have 72 hours from the time the email was sent to respond with the answer to a skill testing question and their full name, mailing address and phone number (required for shipping purposes only). If no response has been received (note – MommiesFirst will not be held responsible for faulty email or any technical difficulties related to the sending/receiving of an email) by this time the winner will be disqualified and a new winner will be randomly selected.
Potential or disqualified winners have no recourse towards MommiesFirst or any other company, pr firm or person involved in this Giveaway.
Giveaways may end and/or be cancelled without notice.
MommiesFirst assumes no responsibility for any technical difficulties that may affect the entries in this giveaway or the communication/reception of emails, posts or messages between the winner and MommiesFirst. In other words, if your entry isn’t received properly due to technical difficulties, MommiesFirst will not be held responsible.
All giveaway entrants are entering giveaways on the MommiesFirst website, at their own risk. MommiesFirst nor the giveaway sponsor assumes any responsibility for the shipping, safe arrival, quality, taxes or duty fees for prizes.
Prizes are shipped by the PR agency or directly from the company with a few exceptions.
One entry per household/IP allowed, and any abuse of this condition will void all entries from household/IP in question.
Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received during the contest period.
Please wait 4-6 weeks prior to contacting us with regards to unreceived prizes unless it is a time sensitive prize. We’d love to hear from you when you receive your package and we’d also love to hear from you if you don’t so that we can help you out if we can, but we don’t take any responsibility for it as we aren’t the people doing the shipments!


Good luck to all Mommies (and Daddies, Grandparents, Friends etc.)!

With Love and Care,
The MommiesFirst Team

May 232014
A HUGE thank you to our community!
A huge thank you to our Facebook Fans, both new and old!
We really enjoy the conversations that we have together.
We feel like the MommiesFirst community is a lovely, supportive place for Mommies.  
If you ever have a question that you would like help with, please feel free to private message us your question and we will be sure to ask our community for you.  We can do this in an anonymous way for you if you wish.

As a thank you, we are offering everyone a 10% discount off our 3 month subscriptions or more.
Use CODE  THANKSMOM for a 10% discount off a 3 month subscription or greater this weekend only!
(lucky for everyone, it is a long weekend in the US so this will end on Monday night)
May 232014

Two years ago our little company with a big heart opened its “doors” or in Internet speak, we launched our site. Reflecting upon the last couple of years, much has changed, but a lot of who we are at our core remains the same.

The inspiration for MommiesFirst was my own pregnancies and the births of my babies. So, when asked about our roots and who we are, I often think back to the bodega on our New York City block that I visited ALL the time to satisfy pregnancy cravings and then stock up on diapers or cream or anything baby related. Jam-packed in that little shop you could find everything (and I mean everything), but what I remember most was the nice man behind the cash register. He knew my name, he predicated a boy before we knew he was coming, and he always scolded me for not picking up a caramel for my husband (my husband’s favorite treat in the store). In a place like New York City, everything is supposed to be big and impersonal, but we had our little store where our experience always was personal, including the news that we were moving. (The sweet man behind the counter was devastated my husband was leaving him!).

I share this story because at MommiesFirst we aren’t trying to be something big. Instead, our hope is to build a company that is personal. A place where your name and your journey matters to us. In this day and age where companies can seem bigger (and flashier) because there is no physical store, our goal is to remain honest and authentic. We are a small team that has come together with a common purpose of making lives better for moms. I see 100% of your customer service questions, and often times I answer them myself. Amanda, our social media manager, has become a dear friend and she puts hours and hours of her time to make sure our community feels the love and care. We are truly a family affair too. Santiago, our Operations guy – yup, that’s my dad! By most metrics, there is nothing fancy about us. But, we have a lot of heart and I am extremely proud of the care that goes into creating each of our boxes.

Happy 2nd Birthday MommiesFirst! To our members and supporters, thank you for letting us fulfill my corner store dream, and stay tuned for more great MommiesFirst boxes!

With love and care,

P.S. You are ALL invited to come celebrate with us this Wednesday night (May 28th) from 9-10pm EST at our #MommiesFirst Twitter Party! Be sure to RSVP so that you qualify to be entered to win some great prizes!